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A private jet broker that serves the Music and Entertainment industry.

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      With Sphere you have access to a fleet in excess of 25,000 aircraft.
      The suppliers we work with and the team that run the business day to day is what defines us as a
      Sphere offers the next generation of affordable luxury travel.

      The Team

      With over 30 year’s combined experience in the music & aviation industries, we understand the needs you have and offer an in-depth service around your touring requirements.
      Speaking 11 languages in-house, we can guarantee your flight will be organised to the upmost precision, anywhere in the world.
      The founders of Sphere are pioneers in their respective fields both in approach and execution.


      We understand how demanding and dynamic your touring schedules are. Whether it be making multiple festival appearances in a day or keeping to your agreed time slots​, your routing needs to be stream-lined 24/7.
      We specialise in a variety of charters, whether it be a year-long tour, quarterly or a one-off show, we will make sure all your demands are met and come together efficiently.

      What we stand for


      We can access the best aircraft worldwide tailored to your needs​.

      We can get multiple quotes from our Argus, Victor and Wyvern rated operators within hours. With access to airports across the globe you can reach remote locations or simply arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service would allow.

      No matter where you want to fly to or from our international network of offices provides you with knowledge on a global scale.

      We understand your time is money.


      The management & safety of your artists and touring crew is our utmost priority.

      We offer extensive planning to make sure everybody and everything arrives safely at the right time. We will ensure you are on schedule with your agreed timings whether it be a hotel check-in, production build or straight to your performance.

      Sphere’s service is 100% confidential, you can completely confide in our company’s privacy and discretion policy.


      The management & safety of your artists and touring crew is our utmost priority.

      Sphere have the experience to manage the diversity of artist’s touring schedules, whether it be a set-time change or a last minute performance extension.

      We are fully equipped and have the resources to deal with sudden complications such as:
      – Weather issues
      – Airport closures
      – Technical reasons.

      We are flexible and will adapt to make sure you stay on track.


      The Sphere team are available 24/7 for our clients and are here to help you when needed​.

      Call, email or even text, we will always respond and make sure you get what you require.

      When specialised logistics are required the Sphere team can even accompany you to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


      At Sphere we know that there is a lot more to it than just getting on a jet to your destination.

      We know your time is precious, let us take care of your everyday needs so you can enjoy the things you love.

      We specialise in the best; whether it be a villa, hotel, transport, restaurants or any other amenities you need on your trip, we supply an unrivalled 24 hours service.

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